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Chesapeake Bay BBQ Cook-Off

17th of 40 Teams

Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket
19th 11th 36th 1st!!

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Hot. That's the only way to describe July on Maryland's eastern shore. July 27th & 28 was no exception. But the heat did not discourage fourty competition BBQ teams from coming out to test there BBQ skills in the 2nd Annual Chesapeake BBQ Cook-Off. It was a strong field with some of the best teams around including 3 Eyz BBQ and Cool Smoke. It was also our first competition.

After arriving, setting up and having Debby from the Kansas City BBQ Society look at my meat it was time to kick back and plan our stratagy. BBQ Tip: Have a time line and write it down. We came in with a time line on a 3 X 5 card and after set-up Christy and I went over it and wrote it on a white board. This way the whole team knows what needs to be done and when. (The pictures below are by Valerie of the Butt-A Bing! BBQ team.)

After prepping the meat, dinner (cold KFC) it was time to relax and hang with fellow BBQ'ers. Here we are with Team Pigstock trying to stay dry as the rain come down. (Congrats Team Pigstock for 4th in Chicken & Pork.)

The morning was pretty hectic. My brisket and butts were falling behind and my ribs were getting done to fast. I added coals to one smoker (brisket and butts) and cranked down the vents on the other (ribs). I planned to do the chicken thighs on the smoker while the big meats were resting but ended up doing them on the kettle.

Here we are putting the finishing touches on our rib turn in. Cooked 4 racks of spares trimmed St Louis style. Ended up picking 4 ribs from one rack and 2 from another.

Preparing rib turn-in box.

I pulled the pork early. I was worried I wouldn't have time between rib and brisket turn ins to pull, pick out any fat and box it for turn in. As it turned out I would have had plenty of time. Next time I'll use more sauce and add some of my "secret" sauce I use at home. I know I could have done better in pork than I did.

We expected to do worst in brisket. It's a huge chunk of meat and we just don't cook them that often. Add our low expectations to the trouble I had getting it done. It cooked 2 hours longer than I planned. Suprising how things work out sometimes.

Award winning brisket - 1st place!

A call to the stage in our first BBQ Competition was the biggest suprise of our lives, especially for first in brisket. Congratulations to 3 Eyz BBQ for Grand Champion and Checkerd Pig for Reserve Grand Champion.

Brian from Pigheaded BBQ captured our Brisket Award.

Guess you could say we're hooked. We learned a lot and have a plan to improve our chicken and pork. We know what not to bring next time and we know what not to forget. Our next competition will be Pickin' in the Panhandle. It's a new unsanctioned competition in West Virginia on September 8th. Wish us luck.

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