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Pork In The Park

7th of 84 Teams

Purdue Chicken Anything Butt
1st!! 22nd





8th 1st!! 42nd 27th

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Our first competition for 2008 was Pork in the Park in Salisbury, MD. This competition drew 84 teams and is one of the largest this side of the Mississippi. There were competitors from 13 states and Canada including teams from Texas and Florida. The field included a number of heavy hitters and I would be lying if I didn't say we were a little intimidated.

Even though we got a late start we had a great time. We were set up with the Holy Hogs right behind us. It was their first competition and they were real excited. We also got to see some old friends and made some new ones. Since we got in later than planned we really didn't have the time to socialize as much as we wanted.

It seamed like Friday night just flew by. Before we knew it we had turned in the Friday catagories, Purde Chicken (One of the event sponsors was Purdue Farms - a large poultry distributor. They supplied each team with 2 chickens for the Purdue Chicken Catgory) & Anything Butt, and had our brisketts and butts on. After saying hello to a few fellow Q'ers it was time to try to grab a few zzzz's.

As usual Saturday morning came way to early. The one constant in BBQ, especially for a small team like ours, is there is never enough sleep. We didn't feel any of our turn ins were our best efforts - as usual. I did think our boxes were pretty though. My feeling is that presentation is the thing that is most under your control. Presentation scores are weighted the least but somethimes just a few thousandths of a point can keep you from getting a call. Anything less than 8s & 9s is just leaving money on the table. I think you can tell how we scored just by looking at our presentation scores.

The awards cerimony started with The Purdue and to our suprise we hit big. First place. We thought we had a good entery but didn't expect to do that well.

As the cerimony moved to the KCBS catagories we felt confident that if we were to get a ribbon it would be in brisket. She went through brisket and nothing. We could relax now. We got our one trophy and we could cocentrate on supporting our friends.

The next catagory was ribs. Holy crap - first place! Who'd a thunk it? We didn't think it would happen. As we worked our way back after getting out picture taken - yea they do that - they called us again. Eighth place for chicken. Man what a day...

Our next one is May 16th & 17th in Chesapeake, VA. We hope to do better with our butt.

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