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2nd Annual Beltway BBQ Showdown

Landover, MD

VA BBQ Pirates Camp
Early Saturday Morning


 5th of 29


Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket
10th 3rd 20th 4th



See our BBQ Gallery for more pictures from the competition.

Summers in the DC area can be hot. This weekend was no exception. Except it's still spring! Friday and Saturday the mercury hit the 100° mark. It was miserable to cook in and even worse to sleep in.

Having said that we still managed to have a great time even without breaking our 10:30 barrier. Ya see, no matter what we do - no matter how prepaired we think we are - we cannot get out of the driveway before 10:30. Maybe one day. I'm even thinking about packing up and sleeping in the car the night before just to get a jump on it. Like that'll happen!

The best thing about competition BBQ is getting to catch up with friends and making new ones. We ended up between The Smokin' Gnomes and Just Smokin' Around. Behind us was The Gooney Creek BBQ Team. We couldn't ask for better neighbors. Sal (Smokin' Gnomes) even fed us! Cedar planked grilled tilapia and steaks. Arrrgh! That was some good grub.

I'm sure I'll miss some folks but it was great to catch up with Butt-A Bing (with their posh new air conditiond trailer!), Philly Blind Pig BBQ and Who Are Those Guys? We also got to meet some new folks like Stoddard & Brown (who we'd met before but hadn't really spent any time getting to know) and Goony Creek BBQ - self proclaimed "stupid hillbillies" but don't let that fool you. They are in it to win it!

Another thing that made this a good BBQ Competition is the passion the organizer has. As an ex BBQ Competitor he knows how to treat the cooks. The cooks meeting was held in a state of the art rec center and was complete with cakes and chicken wings. He provided free ice through out the competition. There were even air conditioned rest rooms! OK, so the power to the men's side was out a lot. It's the effort.

Even with the heat things went reasonable well with only a few glitches. One of the most embarassing happened Saturday morning. I added a few coals to my brisket cooker and the headed off to then restroom. When I got back I noticed I had left the door off and the smoker was just cruizin' along at 358°! That's more than 100° over my target temp. We also over cooked our chicken a bit - oh well. And don't ask me about the brisket injection splatters on the canopy.

Christy's cousin Cheryl came by with her son and spent the day with us. Even with the heat! Cheryl's husband Steve even came by after he got off work and they all stuck around for awards. As hot as it was I would have gone home.

We ended up getting calls for Ribs and Brisket and came in a respectible 5th place just .0002 points ahead of our friends Butt-A Bing. Once again our old nemisis the Butt held us back. Using the same recipie as our 4th place showing in Chesapeake we only got 20th. If we could just figure this thing out...

Guess we'll see what happens in July at the Que & Cruz.

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