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Done this way on the grill the skin gets crispy and is a real treat. This is one of my favorite way to cook Salmon.

1 Salmon Filet per person (Skin on)
Olive Oil

Teriyaki Marinade (Store bought)

Set up grill for medium hot direct grilling. If you donít like Teriyaki substitute something you do like. Marinade fish in glass dish for up to an hour. Any longer and the marinade will over power the flavor of the fish. Add hickory chips to the fire. Rub olive oil on both sides of the fish. Place on clean, well oiled grill skin side down. If the filet is thin in one area you can place a piece of aluminum foil under the thin part so it will not be over done. Grill covered with out turning for 7 to 10 minutes just until the flesh flakes easily with a fork. Remove and serve now. Salmon steaks are good this way too. After grilling for about 5 minutes just turn with tongs and grill another 5 minutes or so.

In the oven just toss on a baking dish cover with foil and bake at 325ļ about 20 minutes or until the fish flakes easily when prodded with a fork.