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When you think of a cook out the first thing that usually comes to mind is hamburgers. (Just before beer and insects!) I think the real reason for the beer and insects is to keep our minds off the over cooked, dried out hamburgers. Here is the remedy.
  • 2 lbs Fresh Ground Beef - Not Lean at least 20% fat
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Worcestershire Sauce (or Steak Sauce like A1®) Just a splash
  • Goats Cheese
  • Diced Onions (Optional)

For years I've stuffed things in the middle of burgers. Mostly prosessed American cheese. You know, the stuff that comes individually wrapped. I tried herbed butter as per Raichlen's How To Grill book and then I came across this. I walked past the TV and thought I heard the host say she was filling hamburger patties with goat cheese. I made a mental note to try it. Turns out she was making something entirly different but these are still a winner.

Roll up your sleeves and gently mix ground beef, (not turkey, not chicken, not salmon - BEEF) a splash of Worcestershire Sauce, salt and pepper to taist and diced onions. Form into 12 thin patties a little bigger than the buns you will be using. place a thin slice or two of goat cheese on half of these. These are the bottoms. Place the remaining patties on top and pinch edges together to form a total of 6 patties.

You want to cook over a medium heat. Place patties on the grill and cover. Cook to desired doneness. That would be pust this side of medium. Figure about 5 minutes per side. You will be flipping only once and you will not be flattening the burger with the spatula.

Let them sit a couple minutes before serving. Serve on soft buns with lettace, mustard, tomotoes and sliced onions.

Important Hamburger Reminders

  • Do not use lean ground beef
  • Do not smash the burgers - You'll squeeze all the juicies will out, leaving nothing to drip down your chin or run down your arm!
  • Grill over medium heat
  • Do not force meat into tightly packed patties
  • Do not play with your meat - if you flip it more than once your playing with it
  • Chili is good on hambugers

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