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General cooking tips

Here are a few tips that will be common sense to some and other may see this page as self indugece on my part. (Well, pirates are a self indulgent lot aren't we!)

  1. Dont buy spices at the grocery store!!
    There are many on line sources that will save you a ton of money. Compare coarse ground pepper at about $5.00 for 1.62 oz ($3.09 an ounce) vs about $7.50 for a pound. (44 cents an ounce). I'll save enough in a year on pepper alone to get my Weber Ranch Kettle grill!

  2. Good ingredients make for good food.
    You can make bad food from good ingrediants but you can't make good food from bad ingrediants.

  3. Don't poke holes in your meat.
    A lot of people poke holes in meat (primarily steaks) to tenderize them. I guess the theory is to tear apart some of the fibers. Or maybe it's to allow marinades to seep into the meat. Nope, all thats happening is you are creating little drains for all the juices to run out.

  4. Clean as you cook
    This will save you lot of time at the end & alow you to relax after your meal.

  5. Use good wine
    If you are cooking with wine pick a wine you would drink. Not only will your food come out better you will be able to drink the wine. I have yet to see a recipe that called for a whole bottle of wine so why waste it?

  6. Start by gathering all your ingrediants.
    Not only will this save your time but you will know up front if there is something you are missing. You don't want to have to run out to the store half way through cooking because you're out of thyme.

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