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Sample BBQ Time Line

BBQ Competitions have set times for turn ins and you don't want to be DQ'd (disqualified) for missing a turn in. You also don't want to miss a step in your preparations or cooking. The best way to stay on schedule is by writing out a time line. You can keep it in your head but I recommend writing it down. Some teams use a sheet of paper or a spread sheet on a lap top. I like to have it where it can be seen by the whole team so we use a 2 X 3 dry erase board.

This Time Line is based on the standard KCBS turn in times of 12:00 Chicken, 12:30 Ribs, 1:00 Pork, 1:30 Brisket. Your times may vary due to different turn in times, cooking methods or the size of your meat (weight).

BBQ Competition Time Line

6:00 Rub Butt & Brisket
10:00 Butt / Brisket On
3:00 Check Meat
5:00 Wrap Brisket (?) 165-170
         Rub Ribs
5:30 Ribs On
6:00 Chicken Brine
8:00 - 8:30 Wrap Ribs
8:00 Brisket - Butt Done?
         Wrap - Cooler
9:00 Rinse Chicken
9:30 Start Chicken
10:30 Ribs
10:30 Boxes
11:00 - 11:30 Chicken Done?
1:45 Open a beer - Relax!
2:00 Begin Break down - pack-up
12:00 Chicken
12:30 Ribs
1:00 Butt
1:30 Brisket

4:00 Awards

To develop your own time line grab some paper and start with the last turn in and work backwards in 15 or 30 min increments. Write down everything then edit it to a usable form. Remember that if your basic time line is based on 6 pound butts and you get 8 pounders you need to adjust your times.


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