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So everyone who tastes it loves your meat? "You ought to enter one of them thar contests like on the Tee-Vee". That's what everyone says so you think "why not?" and send off your check. You're on your way to fortune, fame and BBQ groupies! But now what? What goes on at one of these things anyway?

If you are thinking about entering a BBQ competition these pages will help you get started. My feeling is that if you are planning to compete you are already a pretty good cook so this is geared toward the mechanics of competing in a Kansas City BBQ Society event (though the info will transfer to other sanctioning bodies).

First thing you want to do is get you butt to BBQ Competition. Walk around, look at how the teams are set up and don't be afraid to talk to people. Tell them you are new to this whole BBQ Competition thing and ask questions. BBQ people are about the friendliest you're likely to meet. The busiest time at a competition is Saturday between 10 and 2 as the teams make final preperations and turn in their meat. Don't bother them.

After turn ins many teams will hand out samples. Try to taist a few. How does it compaire to yours?

Now that you've been to a competition and talked to some people here are my suggestions:

Tips to get you started

Check List

Sample Time Line


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