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BBQ Recipes

Like my butt?
Pulled Pork
BBQ Pot Roast
Pot Roast
Can you say Spatchcock?
Smoked Spatchcock Chicken
Not your Mother's meatloaf
Meat Loaf
The other white meat
BBQ Chicken Wings
Wanna smoke a fattie?
Atomic Buffalo Turds
BBQ Brisket

Grilling Recipies

Frank Purdue Pride in Excellence Award - 2008
Chicken Puffs
The secret is the ground mustard!
Salt & Pepper Rib Eyes
From Dr Goodsounds!
Walnut Oiled Steak
Individual Beef Wellingtons
Mini Beef Wellingtons
My Favorite!
Stuffed Lobster
My Other Favorite!
Rib Roast
Simple & Easy
Cornish Hen
Very tasty
Tri Tip
Check Out My Balls!
Grilled Meat Balls
Royal Chicken
Beer Butt Chicken
My Second favorite way to eat Oysters!
Grilled Oysters
Big Steak!
Pirate Ribeye

Other Recipies

Oysters & Booze - What more could you want?
Oyster Shooters
Can't live on BBQ alone
Toad in the Hole!
Got Crabs?
Steamed Crabs
Just the right amount of heat!
Chili Shrimp
Classic Crab Salad
Louie Louie
Thriller Shrimp
Ultimate Nachos - almost
Ultimate Nachos
Southern Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

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