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We are pleased to offer a wide range of barbeque and grilling products. Tip: If you are thinking about buying anything from Amazon you can use the link on the right to search all products.

One thing to keep in mind is that if I list an item here it is because I either have it, had it or want it and I would recommend it to a friend (And probably have!).

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Grills, Smokers and accessories
The Weber Ranch Kettle - this is the Big Kahuna of Charcoal Grills. Thirty-six inches across, need I say more? The Weber Smokey Mountaian Cooker makes BBQ'n' almost effortless. Weber 22 1/2" charcoal grill. The one I have looks like it has been discontinued. This would be my choice from their current offerings. Need a small grill for just a couple burgers or for tailgating? The Smokey Joe should be at the top of your list. Lodge makes great cast iron cooking products. I can't wait to get this and have friends over for a table top "cook your own" dinner party. I'm thinking Shrimp kabobs and beef kabobs.
I've grilled chickens, beef roasts and leg of lamb with one of these. Highly recomended! A gas powered blender? Wow! I need to get my hands on one of these. Margaritas anywhere! If you are looking to try your hand at smoking this is a great smoker to start with. It doesn't give you the control of the Weber but with a little effort your results can be just as good. I had a similar barbeque thermometer from Weber. It just didn't last. This one looks to be better quality and has more features. I'm getting one. Emerilware is made by All-Clad a top name in cookware. These look to be about the same quality at about half the price.
This is a smaller version of the one I have. Classic design and perfect for a couple butts, a big brisket or even a suckling pig. I'm getting hungery just thinking about it. This is the best chimney starter around. It's bigger than most so you can get enough coals going and it has an insulated handle. Perfect. This Char-Broil grill is just like mine and I've cooked over 100 meals on it in the year I've had it. With out a cleaning! It still works flawlessly. Everyone needs a good flipper for his meat (and vegetables). I have this one and it is long enough and stiff enough for anyything. The perfect solution for those long summer days spent waiting for the brisket to smoke. Stay cool while your meat cooks.
Music for Barbequeing & Grilling
Want something to listen to while you're smoking your butt? Try Bull Moose Jackson. All of Aerosmiths early albums and more! If I didn't already have most of these I would have ordered this long ago. Perfect accompaniment for the grill or barbeque. The first three Aerosmith albums. Throw this on your CD player (or copy them to your MP3 player), and light those coals! Another Smokin' album. Try this one with ribs. Barbeque, grilling and standing by the stove, you can't go wrong with the Stones.

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