Virginia BBQ Pirates
Competition Barbeque Team

BBQ Competition Gallery 2011

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Pork in the Park - Salisbury, MD

No Pictures

Que & Cruz - Louisa, VA

No Pictures

Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest - Woodstock, VA

Homw Sweet Home
Setting Up
Jane & Christy
My Big Meat!
Nice Brisket
Injectiong some goodness!
Inoculation Time
Christy & the KCBS Reps
Take this!
Injecting some love
Sprinkle sprinkle
Butt rubbibg
More teams
Top of the hill
Waiting for dinner
Out of the wind
WSM line up
Ready to go
Mornig coffee
It's morning!
Rib prep
Pirates for the weekend!
Peter & Jane!
Pirates for life!
The VA BBQ Pirates
Check the temps
Tom & Peter
Jane & Christy
Shot Prep
9:45 - Shot time!
Pirate Blood
MABA Rules!
Step right up!
Lettice - Yeah!
Lettice Girl!
Box Time
Chicken trun in
To the judges!
The ribs are ready!
All over but the crying
Brisket is in!
Pirate Blood!
Lot's of people
It's getting crowded
Look at them all
People everywhere
Before the scores
Sitting in the sun
Pretty day
The Fairgrounds
Had better days
We got our scores!
Great job!
Peter with
Long couple of days
All packed up

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