Virginia BBQ Pirates
Competition Barbeque Team

BBQ Competition Gallery 2010

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Pork in the Park - Salisbury, MD

Lots of space - for now
Pork in The Park
All clear behind us
Good spot?
Mike's Jambo
Chix, Swine & Bovine
Mike's ride
The Hawg
Judges only
The Tent
54th out of 66
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
57th out of 66
Chili Shrimps
In the night time
Home away from home
Shot time
MABA Folks
Sam - Traci - Jon
Widespread BBQ
Hambones by the Fire
Jason Squared
3 Eyz BBQ
The March of the BBQ'ers
We're done
All turned in!

First Annual Middletown BBQ Cook-Off - Middletown, DE

Tom settin' up
Setting up early
Mostly set up
The view behind us
Gnome Alley
Home sweet home
Virginia BBQ Pirates
Two 7 lb butts
Butts ready for rub!
Pigheaded on the end
Pigheaded BBQ
One row over from us
Lots of room
Ron, Christy & Mike
Christy with Pigheaded BBQ
 Our Neighbors for the weekend
3 Eyz BBQ
Ready to go!
Wake up!
Burning Hot Unknowns BBQ
3 Maverick ET-73s
The Mav-O-Rack!
Keith - alone
Smokey Bottom Boys
Black Cat
Great location
Paul & Brenda
PA Midnight Smokers
Lava Pigs BBQ
Home to Mike, Barb & Dillon
Chix, Swine & Bovine Chalet
Settin' up
Vending Area
Nice Bus
Food Vendor
Palm Trees!
Son of a Beach BBQ
Chicken Prep
Widespread BBQ
All the trash is labled TOM?
Home of Kit & Sharon
Degüello BBQ
Smokin' Gnomes BBQ
Camp Gnome
Gnomes Exagerate Everything
How big!?!
Sal - Smokin' Gnome BBQ
Make the boxes
Good Luck
Shot Time
Pigheaded BBQ Team
I want some of those
Awards Time
Keith & Christy
Jack & Jen!
Black Cat BBQ!
  Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
Grand Champions!

Que & Cruz - Louisa, VA

Que & Cruz
Nice Sites
From the back
Canopies up
From the front
Setting up in the AM
Witches were here!
Good Luck?
It's BBQ time
Tools of the trade
Hog It Up
Anything Butt
It's over there
The BBQ Spider
BBQ in the heat
Big meats on
Another visitor
Who turned out the lights?
There we are!
The organizor
Bill the Grill Guy
Go Away
Smokey Bottom Boys
Great rub!
3 Eyz BBQ
Best Booth
Big Ugly BBQ
Mid Atlantic BBQ Association Toast
Here's mud in your eye!
Chase & Allison
Lucky Dog BBQ

Part Time Party Porkers

Hog It Up BBQ
The tension builds
Awards Time
Tom & Michelle
Black Cat BBQ - Grand Champions
You're Soaked!
Mike & Barb
This one time at band camp...
We Are The Champions!
All Smiles
Jack Jason & Rick
The New Allstar BBQ Review

More Cow Bell!
The Crowd
Jack, Mike & Jon
Stretchin' the pipes
The Grand Champions
Jack & Jen

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