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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Barbequing and Grilling?
The "right" answer is Barbequing is cooking low (under 250°) and slow; Grilling uses much higher temperatures and food is cooked much quicker. However, in common usage the meanings have become blurred. If someone invites you to a barbeque chances are they will be grilling. At my house we know the difference.

How did BBQ get started?
Learn how Indians, our founding fathers and pirates (yes, pirates!) all played a role in the history and popularity of Barbeque. Click here:

What is Competition Barbeque?
Competition BBQ is where a group of teams compete to produce the very best BBQ they can. It's also a social event and a chance hang out and meet people who share your enthusiasm for good food. For more information click here:

Why Competition BBQ?
I'm at that age when many of my friends are buying sports cars or boats or both. Well, I discussed it with my wife (probably a mistake) and we decided we really can't afford the boat or sports car that I would be happy with. So then a girlfriend 1/2 my age seemed a logical choice - you can guess how that conversation went! So that left competition barbeque. Guess I have to learn to keep my mouth shut!

Is BBQ Competition really a sport?

How can someone get started in BBQ Competitions?
All the information you need is on the internet. I recomend you start with my tips by clicking here:

Don't I need one of those huge BBQ rigs?
No. In fact the most common cooker at BBQ Competitions is the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. You can use just one but most teams use 3 or 4. The only real advantage to a huge smoker is that it will hold more meat. Remember our slogan: "It's not the size of your smoker...It's the taste of your meat!"

When was your first BBQ contest?
Our first BBQ Competition was the Chesapeake BBQ Cook-Off in Stevensville, MD July 27th & 28th 2007. We had a bunch of fun and walked away with first place in brisket. You can see details here:

Why do you have so many cookers?
You wouldn't ask a pirate about his sword would you?

Who's your favorite pirate?
Calico Jack

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